Styling Services


After years of my colleagues, friends and complete strangers seeking me out for fashion advice I realized there is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love! I work as a personal stylist and closet consultant in New York City specializing in one-on-one consultations both in the New York area and throughout the country. My clients range from students to business professionals and everyone in between. I will help you to hone your style goals, show you how to shop for your shape and lifestyle, and eliminate the clutter in your closet. After all, a closet full of haute couture isn't synonymous with being stylish. 

I offer realistic tips and helpful tricks that will continually inspire you to look within your own closet—maximizing your wardrobe and minimizing your spending—to create stylish outfits with items you already have, making you a more confident dresser! Ultimately, my goal is to offer my clients unique styling tips for each season, maximizing wardrobes so that you will never feel like you have nothing to wear. Can't wait to style with you! 
Contact me at: iammilyna [at] gmail [dot] com or click here.


"Fashion is eternal." -Yves Saint Laurent


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