Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bag Lady- Backpack or satchel?

If color is done correctly, I'm an advocate. Living in the city a purse only serves so many uses. If you're going to be out all day and need a change of shoes or a little more room for the things you picked up while in the Village (did you think I'd say SOHO?) you need more room. Instead of  schlepping around  your traditional purse and shopping bags why not go for something that makes a statement-overly priced handbags only say that you paid too much for something well crafted. Granted, I appreciate luxurious well crafted items but for 98% of us Hermes and Chanel bags are simply not an option. 

Above Spanish designer and one-time Carolina Herrera collaborator Stella Rittwagen provides us with quality hand craftmanship for both work and play. Clean shape and bold color make me a fan. Check them out here....affordable compared to the aforementioned at $219.

What girl can't appreciate sparkle? I get jealous that men are often toting these stylish carryalls all over town - J. Crew has welcomed a new addition to their irresistible glam glitter collection- the glitter backpack! And for $88 we love the deal.

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